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Margarite Acne Pills 84tp

Margarite Acne Pills 84tp

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Margarite Acne is a unique patent formula that dispels toxins from the blood, clears skin heat, and helps soften flesh hardness. The formula also contains pearl powder, which is believed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

Packaging: 84 caps/bottle

Standard Usage: 6 caps, 2 x day.

Ingredients: Lonicera japonica flower, Rehmannia glutinosa root-raw, Zostera marina herb, Cristaria plicata pearl, Bubalus bubalis horn, Bos taurus domesticus bezoar, Honey, Activated carbon, Botanical wax. ? Jin yin hua, Sheng di huang, Hai dai, Zhen zhu, Shui niu jiao, Niu huang, Honey, Activated carbon, Botanical wax.

Functions: Clears Heat, Expels Toxic Heat, Cools the Blood, Softens Hardness, Benefits the Flesh

Label Warning: Contraindicated during pregnancy.

Allergen Information: The ingredient Yi Tang (Maltose) is derived from barley and may contain gluten proteins.

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