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Mango Black Tea

Mango Black Tea

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Mango Black tea starts with robust, high grade Ceylon tea leaves, and is infused with the essential oil of mango and blended with delicate mango blossoms. The result is a rich, refreshing, full flavored citrus black tea. Mango Black tea is perfect for those who prefer strong black tea, but still want to enjoy an uplifting fruit flavor.

Amount of Tea: 2 teaspoons for an 8 oz cup. Using more tea leaves will give a stronger mango flavor.

Steep Time: 4-5 minutes. The longer you steep a flavored black tea, the tea leaves will come to dominate the citrus flavor. Over-steeping the tea will result in a very aromatic, but dry and bitter flavor. Flavored black tea can also be cold brewed for an extended period of time, which will give a rich fruity flavor with less bitterness than hot-brewed tea.

Water Temperature: 190 degrees F. Allow boiling water to cool for about 2 minutes before adding the tea. For cold-brew tea, use cool fresh water, and place in the refrigerator.

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