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Lemon & Chamomile Body Butter

Lemon & Chamomile Body Butter

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Lemon Body Butter-Silk on the skin, this Body Butter will lock in moisture while nourishing the skin. This non-toxic alternative to traditional lotion is safe for all ages, and has limited and familiar ingredients with the following benefits: 

  • Firstly, Nourishes the skin with easily absorbed amino acids, antioxidants and Vitamin C.
  • Supports skin elasticity and soothes stretch marks
  • Reduces the degeneration of skin cells and promotes healthy skin growth.
  • Protects skin and hair against UV rays, due to vitamin C content.

How To Use Lemon Body Butter

Best used after showering on clean, damp skin. Although a little goes a long way, scoop as much as desired, and lather on body. Repeat once a day for softer, smoother and nourished skin. 


Store in a cool, dry place. If butter melts, it may rewhipped using hand mixer, or use as is.

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