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Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

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This fine Chun Hao (Spring Tippy) jasmine green tea is among the most tender and delicate of spring teas blended with sweet and fragrant blossoms of jasmine. Delicious hot or iced! Amount of Tea: Use about 2 teaspoons to brew a cup. Use a little more if you would like to brew the same leaves multiple times (which we highly recommend). A generous tablespoon of tea can be brewed 3 times without becoming thin or flavorless. Steep Time: 3 minutes or less. When brewing Jasmine Green Tea, you can get a different flavor by controlling how long you steep the leaves. A short steep will have a mild flavor and a distinct aroma of jasmine. A longer steep time will have a stronger, more earthy flavor, but the jasmine aroma will be dominated by the tea leaves. Over-steeping (more than 4 minutes) can produce a tea that is quite bitter. Water Temperature: 180 degrees F. Allow boiling water to cool for 3 to 4 minutes before adding green tea leaves. A gentle steam should be visible.

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