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Jade Cloud 1oz

Jade Cloud 1oz

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Jade Cloud is a special grade of Chinese green tea produced in the higher elevation tea gardens of western Hubei, China. This organic green tea has a mellow and refreshing character that?s smooth with low astringency.

Amount of Tea: Use about 2 teaspoons to brew a cup. Use a little more if you would like to brew the same leaves multiple times (which we highly recommend). A generous tablespoon of tea can be brewed 3 times without becoming thin or flavorless.

Steep Time: 3 minutes or less. Green teas can become bitter if they are over-steeped. Jade Cloud is flavorful but delicate. If your tea lacks a distinctive flavor, consider using a more generous helping of tea leaves.

Water Temperature: 180 degrees F. Allow boiling water to cool for 3 to 4 minutes before adding green tea leaves. A gentle steam should be visible.

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