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Ginseng Extract 2oz

Ginseng Extract 2oz

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American ginseng has a reputation for being some of the highest quality ginseng in the world. This liquid extract concentrates the active constituents of American Ginseng into an easy to use tincture. Ginseng as a daily supplement can help restore energy, relieve fatigue, and improve the mood and focus.  100% Pure Wisconsin-grown American ginseng liquid extract is at 1:3 ratio. 

  • Our American Panax Ginseng is cultivated for a minimum of 4 years; more mature the root, higher quality of the root
  • 1:3 Ginseng to Ethanol/water ratio extract (certified-organic grain alcohol)
  • 2 dropper-full per one serving

  • 30 servings per 2 oz. bottle, 480 serving per 1 QT bottle.

  • Shake well before use


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