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Styrax benzoin

Benzoin Gum is a natural tree resin derived from the Styrax or Benzoin trees. These trees are native to Eastern and Southeastern Asia. Benzoin resin was called ?Frankincense from Java? by ancient Arabs, who noticed it?s similar appearance and fragrance.

Benzoin has a long history of medical usage in ?Tincture of Benzoin?. Tincture of Benzoin is used topically to sterilize small cuts, and placed under bandages to reduce skin irritation.

As an incense, Benzoin powder is often used as a base into which other fragrant powders, woods, and resins are mixed. Many high quality incense sticks use Bezoin as the binding agent to hold the material onto the stick or cone. Benzoin powder by itself has a very pleasant fragrance that is fresh, earthy, and slightly sweet.

Make an incense of benzoin, basil and cinnamon to attract customers to your place of business. Use in purification work and as an addition to clearing incense blends.

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